MiniMac Puppies currently live in 16 states and 3 countries

Although we have never shipped a puppy, our puppies have found families in over 16 states and 3 countries, including Mexico and China. Our miniature schnauzers can call the states of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Alaska, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado, California, Georgia, Virginia and Florida, home.
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Words from our Customers


Jeryl.  Hope your 2019 is off to a good start.  Our best friend Gidget has refused to go outside in these frigid record setting temperatures so we finally got her some walking boots and a sweater.  She was thrilled and has been running around outside today like it was summer!!!
She continues to be the best dog ever !!!
Be good
Frank–Edina, MN



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jeryl!  Sending you pictures of our little snuggle bug from over the past few months.  This year has gone by so fast. Windsor is such a joy and we love him so much.  Can’t believe we will be celebrating his 1st birthday February 2nd. He is such a cuddler and so very smart. Could not imagine life without this little guy.  Happy Holidays!
—Jo Ellen –Lewistown, IL

Windsor posing for a picture.

Merry Woofmas! 

Windsor checking out some presents—are these for me?

Windsor in his new coat.  He is so cute and i think he knows it!

1st Halloween

My little pumpkin!  He is such a doll!

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Just wanted to show you Harper’s first groom.  She did amazing! We love her so much and can’t imagine life without her! 

Cyndi—Ankeny, IA



Hi Jeryl,
I just wanted to update you on Claire! She is doing amazing she is the sweetest thing! We can even remember what life was like without her! Her and our other dog Gemma are the best of friends and my daughter LOVES her!! We go next week for her last set of shots! She is growing like a weed! None of us can believe how big she is getting! She will be bigger than our Gemma at this rate! Which is just fine with us! Thank you so much for our Claire!
Sarah –Tripoli,IA




Just a note to let you know that Harper is doing fantastic!  She is an amazing puppy.  She sleeps through the night and hasn’t messed in the house at all!  We are totally in love ??
Cyndi–Ankeny, IA

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Jeryl, I just wanted to let you know that the vet appointment went wonderfully this morning! They said she looks amazing and healthy and they couldn’t believe how big and sturdy she was for 8 weeks! Makes us so happy! Thank you so much for our new baby! We will be in touch!
Sarah-Tripoli, IA


Hi Jeryl,
Thought you would enjoy seeing this photo taken after a grooming today. She is doing well, weighs around ten pounds and very smart. Taking a road trip tomorrow to visit friends and some family in northern Wisconsin. Maggie will come along and is a good traveler. Hope you are well and having a good summer.
Marion, IA

Hi Jeryl—hope summer has been good to you so far.  It has been so much fun having our puppy this summer.  Can you believe Windsor will be 6 months old on Aug 2nd already?!  He is the cutest dog I have ever had and he is so lovable and smart.  We went to puppy kindergarten for 6 weeks and will be doing it again in the fall.  We both had fun with that. Enjoy the pictures of my sweet boy. He is so cute!!
—Jo Ellen

Lewistown, IL

This picture of Windsor was taken right after he got back from the groomers. He is so handsome.

Windsor loves to pose for pictures. What a cute boy!!

Look how adorable my fur baby is.  We just love him so much!!




Hi Jeryl:  Just want to let you know our Taya Jo turned 3 today.She is doing great & is one spoiled schnauzer. She goes everywhere with us & still loves to go camping. We enjoy her so much & are happy she is part of our family. Best of luck with your puppies & thanks again for letting us have Taya.
Roger – Janet – Taya Jo
Belle Plaine, Ia


Hi Jeryl—Windsor is adjusting so well already.  He is so friendly and lovable. He checked out our whole house like he had already been living here. He sure loves his food.  A really good eater. Loves playing with his new toys.  His favorite place so far is snuggled up on my lap sleeping. Which is what he is doing right now.  We just love him so much!  I will keep in touch and send pictures of him. He will have a great life with us.
—Jo Ellen–Lewistown, IL


Hello & Happy Sunday-
We’ve officially had Kong with us for 1 week already!! Just wanted to thank you again for being such a great breeder and for raising such good pups. We are so happy with Kong, he’s such a great puppy!! He’s just the right mix of playful and calm (he still likes his naps). We have him scheduled for his first vet appointment this week and we are also starting a puppy kindergarten training class with him this week as well.
I hope all is well with you, we are looking forward to some warmer temps up here this week!
Take Care-
Abby–LeCenter, MN
Rocket is now 14 weeks and 8lbs and is a healthy good puppy! Everyone who meets him loves him and he has a very good temperament. I wanted to send you these photos. Hope you enjoy the holiday season.
Fondly, Kate—Eagan, MN


I still am so thankful every day that I found you! We love our little Frankie. He has the softest coat, he is so spunky and loving. Everyday is an adventure with him. We wake upto kisses and ear washings, lol. I will always refer people to you, you’ve been wonderful to us, I like that we can keep in contact. That’s it, thanks again.



Just a note to let you know how much we love & enjoy our little MiniMac girls. Sadie has done remarkably well with Sophie. Sophie is growing like a weed and now weighs 10 lb. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself laughing watching the two of them. Thank you for
enriching our lives with your two little MiinMacs. If we had a larger yard & I were a little younger I would fill our home with more of your little girls. I hope Madison & Destiny are doing well.
Janie–Burlington, IA


Hi, It’s birthday time for our little girl again. At 2yr. she is still
queen of the house. Chases squirrels off the porch every day, runs with
her friend Ready in the prairie and loves her mom and dad as much as
we love her. Life in the country is GOOD!!!

Richard /Colleen –Ridgeway, WI
Thanks for this wonderful dog!



Hi Jeryl, Just wanted to share some pictures of Olive. She is 1 year old today. Olive is the sweetest!! I love her so much! Hope you are doing well. Thanks again for Olive!! Kathy –Waterloo, IA
I took Sasha to the vet yesterday.  They all loved her there.   They said she looked great.  She has been awesome with the potty training and sleeping through the night.
I just love her!
Thanks again,
Deb, Eagen MN


Hi Jeryl.

I hope you are having a nice summer and trying to stay cool in this hot weather.  I wanted to send you a few pictures of Bessie.  I can’t believe she is 5 months already, we picked her up April 24.  She is a great puppy and we love her dearly.  Our grown kids and grand kids adore her and she loves them too.  Of course she wouldn’t be a puppy if she didn’t get into some mischief.  Ha ha.  She really is a good dog.  Our vet in Anamosa said she is “perfect.”  Feel free if you would like to use any of the photos on your website.

Thanks again for raising such great Schnauzer’s!

Rita–Marion, IA


We wanted to send you a message to let you know just how much we are enjoying our little girl, Phoebe Louise, and thank you for letting us adopt her! She is just perfect! I gave her a haircut and she looks so pretty! She is the love of our life! So precious to us! Thank you again!

Jody–Muscatine, IA


Jeryl, A couple pics of Opal very near to her first birthday! As soon
as the weather gets a little warmer, she gets a hair cut. She loves to
play with her three best friends in our praire, a Bouvier, and two
std. Poodles. We nick-named Opal “Peanut” as she is the little one of
the bunch, and instigates all forrms of play. She also loves to chase
squirrles and rabbits. She is the BEST and we love her immensely.
Thanks for a wonderful pup.

Colleen& Richard– Ridgeway, WI



Hi Jeryl,
I wanted to let you know that we decided to name her Mona. We took her to the vet and she is as healthy as can be! Thank you for our perfect little girl, we love her to death!

Kat and Yongchan –  Nebraska


The little guy we picked up is doing great, by the way. He and his half-sister get along wonderfully!
Jordan- Hoffman Estates, IL


Just a note to let you know our Taya is doing great. Growing like a weed. A little problem with potty training but getting better (maybe I am). She sleeps all night from day one which is great. She’s been camping once & will go again next week, did real well. We just love her so much & she keeps us busy, thats good. Thank you so much, will let you know how we are doing later.
Janet- Belle Plaine, IA



Jeryl, thank you for blessing us with Oliver.  Your experience, knowledge, and answering of my questions are unending.  The way you run your breeding operation is exceptional, and after seeing the other puppies I could bring them home too.  Oliver has his own personality, which is so great and has slept all night, and also has only had one mishap, thanks to me for not getting him out soon enough. I would and have recommended you to my friends.  LOVE my minimac!!!! Thank you for the way you handled our “baby” and letting us visit him at 4 weeks.

Sharon, Bob, and of course Oliver DK of minimac  Hampton, IL


Hi Jeryl,

I wanted to share a cute story with you. I was shopping at Dillard’s in West Des Moines and I started talking to the guy at the register and we started talking about stocking stuffers. I told him all I had left was for my dogs. He mentioned that I might want to visit a kiosk where they make gourmet dog treats. I told him my dogs really didn’t like them.  He said his didn’t either. I asked him what kind of dog he had and he said a miniature schnauzer. I told him I had three. Then he told me he got them at minimac. I said. “So did I!!”  We laughed and shared pictures on our phones. I thought you would enjoy hearing this.
All my babies are doing well and give us so much joy every day. I hope yopu and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.



Hi Jeryl.  Hope this finds you well.  Thought you might enjoy this “fall” picture of Gidget in the garden.    She is now up to 9.5 pounds and is starting to lose her baby teeth.    She is absolutely running our house at this point.  She is so fun an so sweet.  She could not be a better dog, companion or friend.  She truly never leaves our side.  She is a great walker and happily walks 3 miles around a lake near our home most days.  She likes  to play soccer too.    Everyone who meets Gidget just loves her.    She is truly one in a million and a blessing to our family.   
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have her in out family!!

Best wishes  to you and your family.
Frank – Edina, MN


Hello Jeryl. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our little guy and how quickly he has become a part of our family. We decided to name him Cash (not Eddie as we had thought), and we are amazed at how smart he is, not to mention his sweet disposition. In just over a week he has figured out how to go up all 13 steps from the family room in the basement and also goes to the door when he needs to go potty. He has had only two accidents in the house. And the second one was on the rug by the door, which happened right after he whined to let me know he needed to go out. We went on a 7 hour road trip to St. Louis this weekend and he did great on both the car ride and the visit. Everyone thinks he is the cutest thing ever and has such a calm demeanor while still having just the right amount of energy and personality to make him a perfect little puppy!  I have been amazed at how easy of an adjustment it has been to add this little pup into our lives, because we all love puppies, but we know that they require a lot of work too. 🙂 he has been such an easy puppy to train and has adjusted so well to his new home! If you can’t tell yet, we love him! Thanks again for the type of business you run and all the updates you provide to families who are waiting to have the pup join them in their homes. We love our MiniMac!!!

Carlene–Waseca, MN


We feel blessed to be getting one of Jeryl’s puppies. It is a miracle that we got a puppy in the first place. All the puppies had been spoken for, but I sent an email anyway saying how sad we were that we missed out on a chance for a puppy from this litter. 30 minutes later, our dream came true, Jeryl called and one of the females was available again and we were next in line. Miracle!!

Jeryl has done such a great job with updates, and weekly pictures of our puppy, Joee. Every time I email her, I hear back right away! Jeryl always seems as excited about us having this puppy as we are to get her. We made the five hour drive from Bloomington, MN to meet Joee when she was four weeks old. It was amazing! We also met Joee’s parents who are beautiful! This is a class operation and you can’t go wrong getting a mini schnauzer from minimacpup!
Carrie, Carly and John
Bloomington, MN



I just wanted to let you know Emma’s doing great. She has such a fun personality and is really adjusting well. She’s great with new people and just cute as can be.




We are IN LOVE with this little girl.  She has been the sweetest little thing and Rylee is really warming up to her.  They have started to play and it is so much fun to watch.

I looked at   Rylee’s papers and her mama was Sadie and her daddy Simon.

Thank you soooo much!


Everything went good last night. [Mom] was very surprised to see how calm he was. She was worried about him last night, but she said when they got to the hotel he kind of played with Harley, but poor Harley was so jealous that his mommy was holding another puppy, he wanted nothing to do with the little puppy. So hopefully, he gets a little bit braver today and plays with him. But as far as everything else, I think everything went ok last night! Thanks again for everything!

Tricia – Virginia


Just wanted to let you know that you just sold the BEST dog ever! She is so good. I have been taking her to work and everyone loves her. She sleeps most of the day and is very good for me. The boys are getting used to her. They snap at her a little still but she is fearless and doesn’t seem bothered by them. She has been chasing them all over the yard. Tucker is taking to her faster than Malcolm but both are doing  better than I anticipated.  Her vet appointment went well. She was 3.9 lbs. Thanks for making such  good schnauzers. We sure do love them.

Christina – Iowa


We [made] it home fine. I forget that having a new puppy in the house is kind of like having a baby! We decided to name the puppy Gracie. She is doing great with the potty training! We are all enjoying her very much! Hope your fall continues to go well for you and your family and dogs & puppies. 🙂 Thanks again!

Molly – Nebraska


I can’t tell you how thrilled Mike and I are with Kodi. He is a true gem and sooooo smart!!! He has slept through the night in his crate without peeing!! He knows to go to the correct door to go out and he has mastered the 2 steps to the outside and the garage. He loves his toys and plays so well and has such a calm demeanor. We decided to wait until next week to start the basic training commands to give him a bit more time to grow and to get used to his new environment.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful pet.

Pat and Mike -Illinois


We just want to tell you how wonderful little Max is! In addition to being cute, sweet and incredibly mellow, he is a one of a kind pup, as far as we’re concerned.

We have had him two nights and he has slept through both, with nary a whimper nor a bed-wetting, and we have had only one very minor potty-related accident (which was Mama’s fault because I didn’t get him outside fast enough after breakfast! But a little poop in the laundry room does no harm¦).

Honestly, he is a great little guy and we are so glad we found you and Mini-Mac! I got him some good toys and chew bones, etc. and he works on those when he’s in his soft blanket-lined kennel. We use that only for bedtime or when we both have to be doing something other than keeping an eye on him.

Sascha, our standard, had her nose out of joint at first but has converted to a Big Sister to Max as of today. They have a ball chasing each other around the back yard (fenced in) and it’s good for both of them. Tonight they were romping in the living room with one of Max’s toys. He is fearless! He comes after her if she gives chase. Gutsy little guy.

He has brightened our lives. Today he came with us when we got our Christmas tree. I will make him his own little Max Christmas stocking and that will be one of many traditions he will become a part of.

Today I took him to our vet to have him checked out.  He was really impressed with his healthiness, and said you clearly run a clean ship as a breeder, because his vaccinations, etc. are up to date and he exhibited lots of other signs of good upbringing. We sang your praises.

Thanks so much for raising such a great little guy!!

Sherry, Tom, Sascha & Max-Iowa