Welcome to Winfield & Our Home

We pride ourselves in raising quality miniature schnauzers.

Miniature schnauzers are my 1st and only love getting my first minis as an anniversary present. The start of it all! That was 28 years ago, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

We strive to raise high quality miniature schnauzers. Our schnauzers are registered with the AKC or APR or both. They have their tails docked and dew claws removed. Ears are left natural. All puppies are current on their worming and shots. Each puppy is sent to its new home with a bag of puppy food. We believe that the adjustment to their new home is smoother if its tummy gets what it is used to.

Since our puppies are family, we sell only to families. I have met and am fortunate to have kept in contact with many of our wonderful customers throughout the years. We do not sell to pet shops or brokers, nor do we ship.

We believe in fair, honest relationships with our customers and we treat people the way we would like to be treated.

You are welcome to call and stop by almost anytime.

Jeryl McArtor, Owner

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….Available Puppies

Updated on December 3, 2018

Information about my puppies…………………..

The puppies are able to go to their new homes between 8 and 10 weeks of age. They will be Vet checked, have shots and wormings current and have their first haircut. Puppies are sold for $1000 with a Limited AKC registration, and they go to their homes with a bag of Pro Pac Puppyfood and a written guarantee.  If you ever have any questions about my puppies…don’t hesitate to give me a call at 319-461-5887 and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

I would like to remind people that I do not do any early sales of puppies  (I don’t make lists) …no one can reserve a puppy before their pictures are posted on my site.  I post their pictures when they are between 3 and 4 weeks of age. My site is updated everyday,  so the puppies that are sold say who they are SOLD or Pending to by them. If you would like to reserve a puppy (after the pictures are posted), send me an e-mail from my Contact Tab and please include your phone number, so I can get in contact with you in case your selected one is already spoken for. My puppies are ‘adopted’ on a first-come, first-serve basis.  After you reserve a puppy; ( I will then put Pending  to and your name on my site) and then I will give you a week to  send a deposit of $100, at which time I put SOLD to… on my site.  The balance of $900 is due when you pick the puppy up.  You are  welcome to come down and see your puppy after they are 6 weeks of age.  I do  update pictures,  so you can watch them grow!  They will be ready to go to their forever homes between 8 and 10  weeks of age.

If something unforeseen would happen to your chosen puppy..you will have the option of selecting another available puppy, or your deposit will be returned.  I do reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.  All of my puppies are SOLD at this time.  Thanks to all of those that have chosen to add a MiniMac Miniature Schnauzer to their family!



Hyper Pyper/Jasper babies are here!  They came this morning by c-section….Pyper and I had bonding time all night last night!  She really didn’t seem to be in distress (she must have a high pain tolerance), but we weren’t making any progress so luckily my Vet was able to help her bring the puppies into this world!  The first few days are critical; not only for Mom but for the babies.  Hopefully I will be able to pull them all through as Mom went through quite an extended surgery.

There are 4 girls and 1 boy as close as I can tell…there are 2 girls that are s/p, and the rest are black and silver (1 boy and 2 girls).    I’m still checking on them at least every 2 hours around the clock…if you have been watching this site, you will know that I lost one boy (the little one), you know, sometimes things weren’t meant to be, even as hard as we try!  There is still one girl that is smaller than the others, time will tell.

Hyper Pyper/Jasper puppies

Born:  Dec. 1, 2018

Hyper Pyper
























































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Previous Puppies


Previous Puppies


All of the puppies listed on this page have found their new homes!
Thank you to all and welcome to the Mini Mac family!





My new home is with Jamie and Alicia…and my name is Wrigley…guess who my family likes to root for???  🙂








Watch out Ankeny!  I’m movin’ in and my name is Harper Grace!






My name is Arnold and I’m living in Chicago with some very nice people and Hans (who is a 2 1/2 year old MiniMac as well!).  Hans will be my role model and when I grow up…I want to be just like him!!








Des Moines is my new home, with Austin and Brianna!








My name is Bella Grace…a very nice family came today and I rode home in their pick-up in my own little bed on the console!  What a life!!!








Kalona is my new address and I am going to love it here with my new family!










My name is Claire and I’m going to live with Sarah and her family!









Watch out Wausau…I’m coming to my new home with Jackie!











My new home is in Marion with Kara and her family….I slept till 5:45 the first morning at my forever home!









My new home is Iowa City…they have a mini that I get to learn from!








I went to live with Alissa…what fun I will have in West Des Moines!

My name is Windsor….probably because I’m going to rule the house!!!

Watch out Marion, IA….I’m movin’ in!!

My name is Cooper and I’m living in Mediapolis with a great family!

My name is Otto Von Barfels!  Gosh, I love my name and my new family!

My new home is with Angela in Muscatine!







Abby and her family came today in the very cold weather and took me back to MN with them!  It’s gonna be a long ride, but I will be just fine because I’m going to my forever home!!  They named me Kong, because they already know I will be King of the house!







I went to MO and am living with another MiniMac named Grace and I’m Hope! 


I’m Elle Mae and I am having a great time in Wapello with Jessi, Grace and Jake!!







Watch out Eagan, MN!  I’m moving in with Jon and Kate!

John and Pat named me Maggie and I live with them in Marion…I’m one happy little puppy!

Minneapolis is my new home and my name is Ronan!


I’m living with Emily and her family….my name is Koda and I am so loved!


I am living with Greta (another MiniMac) and Tonya in Ackley!  I’m so loved!


Gonna live in Ankeny with Tanner and his family….I’m gonna have a great time!  Tanner came and took me home and my name is THOR!!

Roger and Heather came and I had a road trip with them back to my new home!

I went to my forever home in Iowa City with Clark and LouAnn…I’m one happy gal!



My forever home is Williamsburg with Deb and Rick!  They’ve had a MiniMac before!







Minnesota is where my home is…with Taylor!







Denise came and I’m living in Cedar Rapids…what fun!








Watch out Glenwood!  I’m moving in with a wonderful family!








Jeff and Diane came and took me home..now they have 2 MiniMac’s at their house!  What fun…I have humans and 4-legged friends (just like me!).








My new home is with Matt and Cindy and their family!  I will fit right in and have lots of fun!







My home is with Alyssa and Jillian.  I’m so happy!







My forever home is Des Moines with Doris!  She’s my new ‘Mommy’ and I am going to be so loved!







Watch out Lincoln, NE….I’m here to stay with Jerry and Lynette!!








I am living in Davenport with Vanessa!








My name is Grace and I am so loved!










I am living with a wonderful family and Pam says I’m doing great!











I went to live with Stacy and Abbey and I’m going to have so much fun!







White 6 weeks
I went to Burlington with Janey and George and I have an older sister…I’m having so much fun and they say I’m quite entertaining!

Yellow 6 weeks
I had a long trip back to South Dakota, and I’m living with Jan!

Orange 6 weeks
My new home is with Cindy…I’m so happy!

Red 6 weeks
Minnesota is my new home with Dave and Pam.

Green 6 weeks
Look out Iowa City!!! I’m movin’ in with Jenna!

Blue 6 weeks
I am living with Kelley and another MiniMac!

5 week red male
Nebraska is my home with a wonderful family and my name is Maverick!

5 week green female
My forever  home is with Denise…I’m so happy!

5 week blue male
I’m living with Jessica and Gordo is my name!

5 week yellow male
I have a home with Jen!  She has had several Mini-Macs!

5 week orange male
My name is Jagger and I’m living with Amanda!

6 weeks orange collar
I have my forever home with Susan!


6 weeks yellow collar

Watch out Sugar Grove, Il!!  I’m the new kid in town with Mike and Lorri!

6 weeks green collar
Grundy Center is my new home…and I’m living with Shannon!

6 weeks white collar
Watch out Eagen, MN!!  I’m living in your city and my name is Sasha.

6 weeks red collar
Stacy came after me…I was a surprise!!!

6 weeks blue collar
I’m living in West Liberty with a wonderful family!


Maddie Justice green collar female 9 weeks
Jenny took me to Illinois with her.


Maddie 6 week white girl
Kathy named me Olive and I’m going to have fun at her house!


Ruby 6 week blue boy
Watch out Chicago…I’m Hanz and I’m living on the 55th floor with Danny and Paulina!

Destiny 6 week blue boy
My name is Max and my new home is with Sue!

Destiny 6 week yellow girl
I’m Millie Mae and I’m living in MN with Sarah…and they have a MiniMac named Ruby!

Emmie 6 week red girl
I’m going to have a great home and lots of fun with Jessica!

Emmie 6 week blue girl
Rita has named me Bessie!

Ruby 6 week yellow boy
I traveled to Illinois with Susan!

Destiny 6 week yellow girl
My name is Gracie and I’m living with Darrell and Becky!

Ruby Jasper orange sp female 9 weeks
Melissa came after me today and don’t tell but…I’m a birthday present for her husband!

Ruby 6 week red girl
Sold to the Lee family…..my name is Minuet and I am going to have a great home!

Emmie 6 week yellow boy
Sold to Steve and Kelley…they have a MiniMac that is 2…he will be my role model!

Ruby 6 weeks green girl
Watch out Cedar Rapids…I’m movin’ in with Sarah and my name is Cleo!

Emmie 6 week blue boy
I’m going to live with Jennifer in Wisconsin!

Emmie 6 week green boy
Kurt and Linda are my new family….I hear he golfs (I wonder if I will get to do it too!). 

Destiny 6 week orange boy
Watch out Nebraska!  I’m Brody and I’m living with Ron and Sherrie!


10 weeks orange
My name is Max and I’m living with Jodi!


10 weeks yellow
Darlene and Will have named me Gracie….and I’m so loved!

6 weeks green collar
My name is Klaus and I’m living with Mary and Luke in MN!  I am going to be so loved!!

6 weeks red collar
My new home is in Illinois and I’m gonna be so happy with Anne and Ben!


7 weeks yellow collar
I am living with Zak, Jen, Addelyn and Lucas and they call me Lola!

7 weeks red collar
Sue and Frank have named me ‘Lady Kate’ and they will never forget my birthday….(I was born on their anniversary)!

7 weeks blue collar
My name is Gibbs..I went to Illinois and am living with another MiniMac named Duke!

Orange collar 6 weeks haircut
My name is Percy and I have my forever home with Jerry and Tim! 

white collar 6 weeks haircut
Cedar Rapids has a new pup  in town….I’m with Todd and Kaitlyn!

blue collar 6 weeks haircut
My name is Mona and I’m in Nebraska with Yongchan and Kat!

blue collar 6 weeks haircut
I am living in MN with Karen…we had quite a road trip!


6 weeks red male
I am living on a golf course in Des Moines with Fred and Ruth…and my name is Jiggs VII!


6 weeks white male
My name is Remy and I’m going home with Jordan!  I am so happy, I have an older 1/2 sister named Luna that is almost 1 1/2 years old….we can play together! 

6 weeks blue male
Watch out Nebraska…I’m coming in and Joe says that I’m perfect and I have a name!  Their cute little girl won out, my name is Rudy!  Pretty neat!!


6 weeks orange male
My name is Odin and I went to Hudson, IA to live with Tim.    I’m so happy!!

6 weeks yellow female
My name is Martha and I made the trek to MN and am living with Brad and Kathy!


6 weeks red female
I have a wonderful home with Roger and Janet…my name is Taya!


6 weeks white female
My name is Jetti and I am so loved by Rick and Diane!

red 6 weeks

Watch out Cedar Falls,  Josie is coming and I’m living with Doris!


green 6 weeks

I’m taking a road trip to my new home in Wisconsin and will be living with Colleen and Richard!

6 weeks yellow

Oliver DK of MiniMac…that’s my name…thanks to Bob and Sharon of Hampton, IL!


6 weeks blue

I’m living in Marion with Jim and Dianna!

6 weeks orange

I”m Khloe and I’m at home with Matt, Nicole and their kids!


blue 8 weeks
I found my new home with Ryan and his family in Ankeny!  My name is Kinnick (go Hawks!!).

Red 8 weeks

My name is Sadie and I’m living  in Burlington with Janey and George.

Yellow 8 weeks
I’m living in North Liberty with ‘Newlyweds’ that adopted me on their Honeymoon to Hawaii!

white collar 6 weeks
My name is Pippi.  I live with Becky and Harvey.

Green collar 6 weeks
Watch out Illinois, I’m movin’ in with Robert and Joanne and my name is Kody!  …All their 2-legged kids’ names begin with a ‘K’ as well!


Blue collar 6 weeks
Kurt and Carol have added me to their family!


Red collar 6 weeks
My name is Dash and I’m in MN with Mindy and David!

6 weeks blue collar
I am right at home in Newhall!



6 weeks yellow collar
Matt and Nikki are my new family back in South Dakota!

6 weeks red collar
Jill and the rest of the family are so excited to get me!  They already have my name…I’m Olive!


6 weeks white collar
Watch out Nebraska!  Deb came after me and I’m headed your way!

7 weeks blue collar
I went to live with Cali and Kent.  They were so excited to have a new puppy in their home!


7 weeks green collar
I am living with Annette and another MiniMac (I’ll have lots of fun playing!).    My name is Schatzie!

7 weeks orange collar
Megan is going to be a teacher!  I bet she will teach me too!

6 weeks red collar
I’m living in Danube, MN and my name is Watson!

7 weeks yellow collar
I went to live with Sandy and my name is Sophie!

6 weeks red collar
I went to Minnesota…had a long car ride to go live with Jennifer and Jamie.


6 weeks blue male
Rande came after me……I am a surprise for her kids!

8 weeks orange collar
Tim and Maria came and I went home with them to Ankeny! 

6 weeks green male
I’m going to be living in Chicago with Brad and get to go for walks around Lake Michigan!  That will be so much fun!!

Green collared female 6 weeks
I am living in Urbandale with a great family that has 2 sweet little girls and parents named Chad and Stephanie!

blue collared male 6 weeks
I went to Minnesota to live with Michele….it was a 5 hour trip and I had my own seat (so I could see out!).


Red collared female 6 weeks
I went to my forever home with  Brian and Michelle  that live in Grimes …..they have 3 little boys!  I will be the ‘spoiled’ little sister! 

white collared male 6 weeks
I went to live with Barb and her other MiniMac….”I’m going to be put in agility class, what fun!”


white collar male 6 weeks
I went to live with Christine and my sister went to!
 blue collar female 6 weeks
I went with my brother and am living with Christine.  She already bought us a really neat car seat to go home in…we can actually see out!
 orange collar female 6 weeks
I went to Illinois with Jordan…I’m going to have a great life!


 yellow collar female 6 weeks

I’m in Minnesota!  Whew that was quite a road trip…but Frank said I am a good little traveler and that I am going to fit in just fine!  Frank wrote and said my name is ‘Gidget’.


green collar female 6 weeks
Michele and Josh came for me!  I went from country life to Chicago.  What a switch and so fun!!!  I found out I’m Pippi!

blue collar male 6 weeks

I went home with Dave…he was so tricky, he kept me as a surprise from the rest of the family!


red collar female 6 weeks
I’m living with Terry….she already loves me!


7 weeks blue collar
Watch out Chicago!  I’m movin’ in with Kimberley!

11 weeks female

Natalie came and took me home to live in Bloomington, Il with her and her wonderful family.  She said, “I am making her dream come true!”

9 weeks white collar

I am living with Tim and his family….what fun!
10 weeks white collar
I am living in Rochester with Tim!
10 weeks red collar
I’m living with RoxAnne and Lyman and their other MiniMac and life is soooo GOOD!
10 weeks blue collar
Carlene came all the way from MN and took me home!
5 weeks yellow collar
I am living in Waukee…and having a great time playing with Steve and Kelley and the kids!

7 weeks yellow collar

Hello Nebraska!  I’m having a great time with Sherri!


7 weeks green collar
I’m living with Brandon’s and they are taking off work to spend some time with me!
7 weeks red collar
My name is Joee, I’m living in MN with Carly and her folks!

Destiny Hawkeye 7 weeks red

“I have a great home with Mallory”

Black Diamond/Chance 10 weeks




Randy and Karen took me home to live with them and the MiniMac they already have!

Destiny Hawkeye 7 weeks green
“I’m living in Chicago with Sean and my name is Duke!”

Destiny Hawkeye 7 weeks blue
“Cooper is my name and I have a great family with kids to play with!”

I am living with Nic from MN.


Watch out Chicago!!  I’m here with Eric and Chaz.


I am with Nancy…she has had a MiniMac before.

BD Chance 5 weeks white

“Alexa and her family came to see me on Saturday and I heard all about the great life I am going to have with them in a few short weeks!”

BD Chance yellow 5 weeks

SOLD  to Kim from Omaha..they have a year-old MiniMac and decided it was time to get a playmate!!

Red male 6 weeks

” My name is Sully, Brian and Kari said so!”


Orange female 6 weeks

“My name is Gertie and I went to Chicago with Chris.


Yellow female 6 weeks
“My name is Riley and I’m going to be
living with Larry and Kristi!”


Green male 6 weeks
“I’m going to be living in Des Moines and
when Kurt and Gloria came and picked me up, I found
out that they are also getting a kitten from
some people…I will have a friend!”

Blue Male 6 weeks
“Rik and Stephanie came after me and I can’t
wait to get to my new home in MN!”  …”I hear
I have a Big Yard to play in and they are going
to call me Henry!”

White female 6 weeks
“I am going to be living with the Pecka’s…
I’m their second MiniMac! ”


My name is Jack and I’m living with Sandy in Des Moines!

6 weeks green female

My name is Chloe and I am pretty sure I am going to be the ‘talk of the neighborhood and office!!’  “I have a great “Mom” and her name is Jill!”

6 weeks red male

“My name is Ford…that should be easy to remember!”  I am living with Patrick and Elise!

6 weeks red female

“I’m Payton..and I can’t wait to meet my new family and guess what,  we get to go camping!”

6 weeks green male

My name is YO-YO and I am Chen’s!

SOLD to Erin…my name is going to be Karl.

I’m going to live with Pam and she wrote and said my name is Sadie!  Guess what?  I even get to go to work with her!!

SOLD to Carol and Bob My name is Samuel…I am named after lots of Sammy’s in my life!

I’m going to Pella to live with a very nice family…Bailey’s!

SOLD to Ian …I am going to have a really great home.

SOLD to Mary Kay I already have a name..Ruby Rose!

SOLD to Carol ..Grace is my name, I am so excited!”

SOLD to Dave….”My name is going to be Mika…..I can’t wait to meet the people that named me!”

Going to live with Sarah I’m a week old and they thought of my name! I’m Char-Lee; pretty neat huh!

SOLD to Kathy “I just found out I have a name…they say I look like a Gus…so Gus it is!!”

SOLD to Katy, “And they have already named me Pip!”

Beautiful black female puppy. She has a very soft coat and is jet black.
I went to a really nice family in Muscatine…I got my first ride in a pick-up!

Look out Chicago…Here I come!! Brian and Lisa are my ‘new parents’ and believe me..they make me feel so right at home (plus they bought out most of Petco before they came down and got me!).

My new home is with Jeremy….I’m going to like it and I was licking his hand as soon as we met!!

I went home with Jenny …”Just found out my name is Diesel…how neat is that!”

SOLD to Allan…I am going to be so spoiled as I already have a “HOT PINK” collar and leash!

“A nice couple (whose parents just bought a MiniMac) came and took me home and guess what???” “The parents live next door, so I will get to have a playmate neighbor!” “Oh, and by the way…my name is Bear and his name is Max!”

“I have a long ride today as I am going to be living in Oak Lawn ….and the nice family that I am ‘adopted’ into says that I have a big yard to play in” ….”What fun!”

A very nice family from Iowa City came and took me home today. The Mom and Dad really surprised the 3 girls by saying they were going to go to a “pumpkin patch and corn maze”! …..I am going to be so loved!!

Katy came after me today….I am going to be living in Pella (and get very spoiled!!).

My name is going to be Rosco…I am going to live with Matt!

A very nice couple came and took me and my ‘cousin’ and we are going to be living in Burlington!

I’m going to be living in Burlington with my ‘cousin’ mini schnauzer. Some very nice people came and took 2 of us!

SOLD to Barb…..”No way am I going to just stand still!”

SOLD to Kelley They came after me today!

SOLD to Frank “I think I’m in school..I get to play with blocks!”

SOLD to Kim. What a pose!

Sold to Merwin and Frances….”they drove down and picked me!” They can hardly wait till I go home with them!!

SOLD to James and I have boys to play with!

SOLD to a family from Omaha, we have quite a road trip!

SOLD to Ole…My new family left their home at Britt, Ia at 4am and drove 5 hours to get me…now that is love!!

SOLD to Deanna and I slept most of the way home!

SOLD to Jessie

SOLD to Stacy

SOLD to Tonya…and boy is she excited!! “They have named me Greta and I have a whole bunch of new things waiting for me!”

SOLD to Kyle and Amy Hutchinson….I am going to be so loved!

SOLD to Pam …I am going to be living with another MiniMac….what fun and I will learn alot!

SOLD to Randy and Karen….I am going to have a GREAT LIFE!!

I am going to be living in Vinton with very nice people…I will get held lots!

SOLD to Dawn, watch out Marion, IA….here I come!

White collared female….a flashy black and silver
I’m keeping this one

Sold to Alan and Audrey…I am going with the next puppy pictured…we will have so much fun playing!

Sold to Alan and Audrey..she couldn’t decide so she took me and the male from Duthcess’ litter

SOLD to Ashley we are going to be living in Alaska soon!

SOLD to Ashley….I get to move to Alaska with her and my sister!

Sold to Caryn and Chris….I am going to live in Ames with their other Mini-Mac named Zoey (she is 1 1/2)…I will have a role model!

Sold to Amanda….a very nice family came tonight and chose me and guess what? I get to watch a movie on the way home!!

Sold to Nate….he came today and took me home! Nate has really been doing his homework on us minis….and he already went shopping and has EVERYTHING I need!! Oh, and my name is Cooper!!

Sold to Molly….I have a wonderful family and have an older “schnauzer” sister named Maggie! I get to go on walks in Omaha…that will be so much fun, I can hardly wait!!

SOLD to Mike …..as Mike wrote, “his wife’s preference is ME!” I am an early Christmas present!

Sold to Gina and Chris….they came today and I got to go home with them!

Sold to Greg ……”they came from Urbandale after me and I went home with them in the dark! Oh, I hope the ghosts and ghoblins don’t get us!!”

SOLD to Cody….”I’m going to be an early Christmas present!”

SOLD to Christina….they already have 2 MiniMac’s!

Sold to Jamie….”I am going to have a great home, a big yard to play in and kids!”

Sold to Kari….I went to live with them this morning…I am going to have so much fun!

SOLD to Chad from Center Point…”They came today, Sunday… and took me home with them in their blue truck!”

SOLD to Melanie…”I am going to have 3 kids and a fenced in yard” WOW!!!

SOLD to Ashley….several of her friends have MiniMac’s. I will be named Rory. I will be living at Lake Bracken Country Club in Galesburg IL. It will be so much Fun!!

SOLD to Brant and Wendy…I am going to be living in Minnesota, what fun! Hey….do you know what? I just found out my first and middle name, it is Maisy Rae!:}

SOLD to a relative of Stacy….I am going to have so much fun and will get to see my green collared brother at “family reunions”!

SOLD to Rachel…I get to ride with her on an airplane…that will be so much fun!

SOLD to Bill and Tracy…they wrote and said now they have to come up with a name for me….how exciting is that! HUMMM they have 2 kids and their names begin with “R”, I wonder what letter my name will start with???

SOLD to Merwin….I am headed to Waverly to live with a really nice family!

SOLD to Stacy

SOLD to Barb…she wrote and said she wants me, and she even said my name is going to be Gus II and Duece for short!

Sold to Stephanie and Julian.  I get to go to “doggie daycare” that will be so much fun  

SOLD to Patricia from Virginia
His haircoat is going to be on the straight side and is going to be a black and silver. He has a very calm attitude and is a beautiful puppy!Â

 I am keeping this one. Orange collared male This little guy was so ambitious he would hardly hold still for his picture! He has a wavy haircoat and is going to be black and silver.

SOLD to Sheryl..I am going to be so loved!

SOLD to Brendan…I am going to be living in Muscatine!

SOLD to Danielle….I am going to be living in Nashua, that will be so much fun…and you know what? “I am not the only one excited about it; they are too!” …My new family just called today (I think it is Friday), and said my name is going to be Nugget! My name is Nugget and I am going to Nashua!

I am keeping this one

SOLD to John.. I am going to Iowa State!

SOLD to Kim..she just e-mailed and said that my name is going to be Rummy and that I have a 5 year old “4-legged” sister named Ginny!

SOLD to Mary …..my name is going to be Lucy and my address is going to be Clearfield, IA!

SOLD to Mary…they came on New Year’s Day and picked me!

SOLD to Tom….he welcomed a Mini Mac into their home a year ago and wants to get her a playmate…that is so great!

I am keeping her

SOLD to Mike from Marengo

SOLD to Mike and Maureen from Ft. Dodge

SOLD to Amy…they came to see me today and they want me! Do you want to know a secret? They added a Mini Mac to their family a year ago and her name is Lola, and they wanted a playmate for her so they chose me!

SOLD to Jen

Black and silver female..
SOLD to David of Des Moines
Received an e-mail on her name and she is going to be Lieb. ……Now, if you are up on your German language, you know that it means love or beloved.

Black and silver female—SOLD to Devin and Kristin …they will be coming after me after Thanksgiving….I can hardly wait!!

Salt and pepper female
SOLD to Shelly and Mike of Washington..they can hardly wait to get her! …..They are looking through names to find one just right…..they found the perfect name “Tinley” and they are coming after me today! I am so excited!

Black and silver female
SOLD to Dana ….they have a Mini Mac that is almost 2, so she will have a buddy!

Black male
SOLD to Melissa from West Des Moines—“Hey, I just heard that my name is going to be Max!” …..I think I will like it, “They will proabably say good boy, Max…..because, I am a good boy!”

SOLD to Ken and Judy
Found out today (Sunday), that my name is going to be Steinway….pretty neat, huh?

SOLD to Scott, Lisa and Bradley….just between you and me…..Bradley (who is 7), can’t wait!!
Just found out my name is going to be Sherman, so…I will have to pay attention when they say “Sherman”.

SOLD to Wayne and Karen….they already have my name figured out.. I am going to be Chance.

SOLD to Morgan ….her Grandparents have 2 Mini Mac’s, so they will have lots of fun when they come to visit!!
Morgan has already named me Zoey!

SOLD to Elaine….my name is going to be “Sophie” how neat is that?

SOLD to Naomi from Minnesota…..they have a Mini Mac named Ollie and want to get him a friend; that is so nice of them to get Ollie a little buddy!

SOLD to Sandra…Green Bay, WI

SOLD to Wayne and Karen

SOLD to Megan…they have one Mini Mac….now they will have 2!

SOLD to Diane….my brother is going too!! They have had Mini Mac’s before!

SOLD to Diane…my above brother is going too!

SOLD to Amy

SOLD to Scott

SOLD to Brenda of Knoxville

SOLD to Sara and Juan
I am going to Spain this fall!

SOLD to Brooke…..I am going to be named Penny, pretty neat don’t you think!

SOLD to Jill…..I am going to be living in Minnesota with a very nice lady. She looked at my picture and knew she had to have me!!!

SOLD to Caryn

SOLD to Dana.

SOLD I am going to go live in Minnesota with a family that has 3 kids…Katie Jane, Molly and Joey and my brother is going too!!

SOLD I am going to Minnesota, too (with my sister). I am so happy, I will have a family with 3 kids to play with…Katie Jane, Molly and Joey! Boy, will I have fun!!

SOLD to Jeff and Diane…It was her birthday!

Sold to Kyle

SOLD to Rita and Dean….they are schnauzer people!!

SOLD to Jen—the Mini Mac that she purchased a few years ago needed a playmate…..now they have 2 Mini Macs!!

SOLD — I am going to be going to live with Dalton ….they are coming after school on Thursday! I can hardly wait!!

SOLD to Angie

Sold to Gracie from Wapello….she is 7 and boy will we have fun!

SOLD to Katelyn..she just turned 5 and can’t wait to take her home. They also have a 4 year old Mini Mac named Oscar waiting to be big brother to this cutie!

SOLD to Nerissa…..she came from MN

Sold to a family from Waukee and my name is Carly. …..Pretty cute, huh.

Sold to Eli from Ames…he is a first grader and this little puppy will have loads of fun. Oh yea, he is also a “Hawk fan!”

SOLD to Amber

Kelli came….she is a real “schnauzer lover” and she decided quickly that she wanted me!

SOLD to a family from Adel, they have another Mini Mac named Rascal. .

Sold to a family from Illinois…. “I hear they have a schnauzer, so I will have a “role model”.

My name is Bo and I am living in WI with Dan.

My name is Lola and I am going to be living in a family with 2 girls…hum, and if you add me that makes 3!

To Judith and Donald…”Hey, they just “adopted” my sister Xena and now they want me!” “Judith just called and I am so excited, she said that Xena will fetch a ball and now I get to play too!”

SOLD to a wonderful family from Ankeny……they are “schnauzer people!” Her name is going to be Bella.

My name is Ruby, gosh…..that is a very nice name!

Judith just called and she wants me! Hey, I just found out my name is going to be Xena, how neat is that!

SOLD to Jeremy of Pella.


SOLD to Melissa of Ankeny.

SOLD Val from Illinois

I am very happy with Lydia in Iowa City!

Chris and Tammy from Davenport

“I am going to be living in Illinois—-what fun!” Jocelyn came after me today!!

“I am going to be living up north in Waverly, IA….that will be so much fun-my name is Lucy.”

“A very nice family came today from Earlham and took me home with them.”

SOLD –“A very nice family came and I went home with them….to Ottumwa!” …..”I have never been there, but I know I will like it!”

Blue collared male.
SOLD to Deb of Illinois—“I am so happy, my name they think is going to be Sammie and I have an older sister Sophie”.

Yellow collared male—he is smaller than the blue collared male and his hair appears to be a little wavy.
SOLD to Maria —-they are very excited to get me….know something? So am I!

I am going to be living in Minnesota with a very nice family. They just called today…..Dec. 19th! They have some travel plans, but will be picking me up in January, I will be counting the days (woops….I sure wish I knew how to count!). Hey, I found out some important news! Do you ‘wanna know what it is? My name is Ollie!

I am with a family from Williamsburg….hum….I wonder if I get to go shopping at the stores up there?

A family from Biggsville came and I went home with them! It will be so much fun to have a loving family to call my own!!

Pink collared female—
SOLD to Kaylee…don’t tell her, but I am going to be a Christmas gift….Hum…..wonder if they will wrap me up!

#4 Green collared male with a few white hairs on his chest.
SOLD to Lindsey and Andrew–I will have a great home with them!

The only female in the bunch. She is a black and silver, as you can see!
SOLD I am going to be living in Ankeny with a very nice family…oh yea, I need to mention that they are Hawk fans!! GO HAWKS!!

Black and silver male…he is really flashy!
Sold to Gregory—he is 5…..we will have alot of fun together!! P.S. He is a Hawk fan….how cool is that?

SOLD to Kirstin—black male

Linda is my new “Mom” –my name is going to be Axel (she drives a truck)!

Jennifer of Burlington came and I now have a forever home with her and her family.

Female. Sold to Matt and Jennifer

Female sold to Rachel and Joaquin. My name is Taya.

Male sold to Christina my name is Tucker

Black male sold to Christina my name is Malcolm

Salt and pepper female
Sold to James and Kerry of Minnesota
My name is Bijou

Black male–Sold to Melissa

Dark salt and pepper male-Sold to Jackie

Orange collared male
Sold to a family from Pella. They came a picked me up on their way home from a ball game—-gosh, I wonder if I will learn to play ball! My name is Grady.

Green collared male
Sold to Nick and Courtney from Johnston. They studied names and decided I am going to be called Griffin.
…..I think I will like that name and I know I am going to love my new home with them!

Blue collared male
Sold to Jane and her family. I am going to have kids to play with..I can’t wait!

Pink collared female
SOLD to Gary of Illinois. He said my name is going to be Annie. I will be going to their house after school is out, hum…..I wonder what school is?

Yellow collared female
Sold to Craig of Minneapolis, MN
Craig e-mailed and my name is going to be Vellma and I have a big sister schnauzer named Roxxy! I will have a built in playmate (I sure hope she is ready for me!!).

She is a dark salt and pepper. She has a beautiful haircoat and is very calm.

A guy came today and I am going to be living with him, his wife, and my 1 year old “brother” (who is a Mini Mac miniature schnauzer ) in Burlington. I will have a big brother!! They said my “new brother” needed a playmate!


As this picture portrays—-she is ready for anything!
Sold to Monica–I am going to a family that has 2 sweet little girls, oh what fun!

Blue collared male
Sold to Brad and Jenna from Cedar Falls.

Orange collared male
I am going to be living with Luke and Joe in Virginia. From what they say that is a long ways….It will be fun playing with 2 boys, hey with me, that will make 3!

White collared female
SOLD to Richard of Des Moines
I am going to be living in the big city….we will have a great time!

Orange collared female
I am going to be living with Mike and Summer and Brady (he is a Mini Mac puppy also). It will be soooo…
much fun to live in Ames.

Black and silver female
SOLD I am going to be moving across the river into Illinois! That will be great—I get to see the mighty Mississippi and go live with a family that has a schnauzer already, I will have a role model.

#4 Female with white collar
She is a dark salt and pepper
I am keeping her.

#2 Female with green collar
Sold to Susan of Burlington

Salt and pepper male #4
SOLD to a family from Shellsburg

#1 Male with blue collar
He is a black and silver
Angie from MN came and took me home with her!

#2 Male with orange collar
He is a black and silver
I am going to be living in Clear Lake, IA with a nice family. It will be so….much fun!! I will get to go on walks with them. They wrote and said my name is going to be Rudy.

Salt and pepper female #1 -smallest one
I am living in Fairfield

“Some people came today, and I am going to be living in Illinois with them, when I get big enough”. “They are going to name me MJ and their names are Dick and Cindy!”

“I am going to be living in Center Point, IA. The adults of my new family came and picked me!! They are so nice, I can’t wait to go live with them forever! I heard my name is going to be Hudson.”

The 2 above pictures are the same puppy
SOLD to Paul of Des Moines

I am going to be living in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and my new “family” has named me Simon Peter.

I am going to be living in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa with Dan and Angie and boys! I will have so much fun.

Blue collared male-
I am going to be living with the same wonderful family as Simon and my name is Noah.

Clover’s male #2
Sold to Sam and Marilyn–his name is Charlie
Born: April 1

Sold to a family from Huxley, IA

Sold to John of Wapello, IA

Sold to Nicole.

Huetta and Sammy
Born: May 14
Sold to Wilma

8 month old black male–AKC registered

8 month old male out of Winnie and Sammy

Sold to Becci from Omaha his name is Baxter

Duetta and Sammy female
Born: May 8th
Sold to Angela of Muscatine

Aggie’s pup
Born: April 17
Sold to Michael and Ursula

Orange collar male-
Sold to a family in Marion

Red collar male- has a white spot on chest
Sold to Kurt of Marion

White collar male- smallest one, has a little white on his chest
SOLD to Marcia of Davenport

Yellow collar male- he is the biggest and is all black
Sold to a family in Ft. Dodge

Winnie’s female
Born: May 5
Sold to John of Ankeny

Salt and pepper female #2 both pictures are her.
Aggie’s pup
Born: April 17
Ready to go now. She is definitely a salt and pepper, with gorgeous markings.
Sold to Dave


Clover’s male #1
Born: April 1
Sold to a family in Ankeny

Black male #1
Sadie’s pup
Born: April 17
Sold to a family from Marion, IA

Black female #1
Sadie’s pup
Born: April 17
SOLD to Roxanne and Lyman from Alburnett, IA

Black female #2
Sadie’s pup
Born: April 17
Sold to Kelly from Ankeny

Black female #1
Aggie’s pup
Born: April 17
Sold to Josh and Kristen

Salt and pepper female #1
Aggie’s pup
Born: April 17

She is small and really a light salt and pepper
Because of her size, I will have to determine when she can leave
Sold to Robyn

Salt and pepper female #4
Sadie’s pup
Born: April 17
Real small- but she can stick up for herself!
Sold to Conni of Ft. Madison


Black female #3
Sadie’s pup
Sold to Brad and Laura

Black female #2
Aggie’s pup
Born: April 17
Ready to go around June 5th

Puppies born April 1 of Clover and Sammy

Female #1
Of the 3 girls, I am the biggest one,
and I am all black.
Sold to Marcia of Des Moines

Female #2
This one is just a little smaller
than her sister, but is all black also.
SOLD to Theresa of Danville

Female #3
This little female has a small strip
of white on her chest.
SOLD to Tony and Ann of Grinnell
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