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    Updated on March 18, 2021


    ****Because of the uncertainty of everything involved with the coronavirus,  it is in everyone’s best interest to  not come down for a visit when they are 6 weeks of age.  More than likely, they will be ready to go when they are 8 to 10 weeks of age, so it will be best to just wait till then.  Also, instead of meeting at our home,  it is going to be better if we meet somewhere like a gas station or park.


    Spunkie/Lucky puppies

    Born: 1/30/21

    I have posted the puppies. ....They are all spoken for. Price is $1700 for a Limited AKC Registration. They will be Vet checked, have appropriate shots and wormings and groomed. They are sent home with a bag of Pro Pac Ultimate Puppy food to keep them on what they are used to.

    The puppies are 6 weeks old and today they had their first haircut....they all did real well about holding still!!


    MiniMac Lucky

    Blue collared male
    Sold to Tom

    Green collared male- Sold to Jon

    Orange collared male
    Sold to Jill

    Red collared male
    Sold to Pat