Thank you to everyone that has added a MiniMac Miniature Schnauzer to their family!


Deb and her family are my forever home!
I am going to live with Pat and she has another MiniMac too!

I am with John and his family in Grimes!
Watch out Pella, I am here with Kristin and her family!
Ken and Gwen are spoiling me so!

I am living with Beth in Illinois..she says I already own the house!

My home is Ankeny with Macala and her family!

I’m with my family..Diane and Rick and another MiniMac
I’m living with Vanessa and another MiniMac and down the street from Diane!
My new home is with Connie and Danny…I am going to be so spoiled!
Watch out Kansas!! I’m movin’ in with Lauren and Scott!
I’m livin’ with 2 other MiniMac’s! That’s right, Tim has 3!!

Ned waited for me and now I’m his!
I have a great home with Nancy

Hello Chicago!! I’m living with Michele and her family! They have another MiniMac as well.
I went to Ill to be with Steven and his fiance! I’m so loved!
I flew to California with my sister and am living with Tamera and Dennis.
Went to KC with Reid
I went home with Pat in Waukee!
I went to California with my sister from another litter. I’m living with Dennis and Tamera.
I am living with Tina and lovin’ it!
She’s found her home right here!

Sold to Cierra
I’m Ann’s new baby!
I’m in Omaha with Cindy!
Monica and Doug flew from Florida and took me and my brother!
I went to Florida on a plane with Monica and Doug and my sister!
I live in Tuscon with Angela!
Sold to Nick
My name is Ozzie and I live with Sharon and Bob!
Ken surprised Amy with me…and boy was she happy!

Roger and Shelly’s pup
Glenn and Denise’s pup
Elliot’s pup
Donna’s pup
Dee’s pup
Linda’s pup

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Sold to Rick and Mary
Sold to Rick and Mary

Sold to Sandy
Sold to Nick
Sold to Doyle
Sold to Melissa
Sold to Gary

Sold to Nikki
Sold to Brandi

Sold to Karen
Sold to Michele

Sold to Pam
Sold to Tom
Sold to Tom
Sold to Jill
Sold to Jon and Emily
Sold to Pat
Sold to Jim and Jan
Sold to Aliza
Sold to Stacy
Sold to John
Sold to Shannon
Sold to Robert
Sold to William
Sold to Trudy
Sold to Cindy
Sold to Carrie
Sold to Sean
Sold to Riley
Sold to Carol