Updated on March 1, 2021


****Because of the uncertainty of everything involved with the coronavirus,  it is in everyone’s best interest to  not come down for a visit when they are 6 weeks of age.  More than likely, they will be ready to go when they are 8 to 9 weeks of age, so it will be best to just wait till then.  Also, instead of meeting at our home,  it is going to be better if we meet somewhere like a gas station or park.


Please note, I have had at least 3 inquiries a day on my puppies (and there have been so many, that I haven’t got to answer all of them!)….and if you have checked around, other people that raise puppies are facing the same thing. I know everyone is desperate to get a puppy, but please understand this is what we are facing.


For more information about how to ‘adopt’ one of my puppies, go to the MORE INFORMATION page.


Spunkie/Lucky puppies

Born: 1/30/21

Spunkie had 5 puppies born last Saturday. They are all boys and they appear to be all black and silver.

MiniMac Lucky